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We are a team of professional stylists and make-up artists. We know how to be confident and feel great about yourself. We will take care of your great visage with love, respect and dignity.

Michaela Tutko

Personal stylist and make-up artist, founder of the Personal Styling project

„The most beautiful feeling for me is when my client’s life changes before her eyes. The way we look often tells about how we feel and vice versa.“

Praha / Brno / Hodonín

Martina Jankech osobní stylistka Praha

Martina Jankech Sochová

Personal stylist


„Fashion styling for a magazine is the art of the moment to charm us. Personal styling is a craft where I create a functional, tailored wardrobe.“


Zuzana Procházková módní stylistka Brno

Zuzana Procházková

Personal stylist & minimalist


„You don’t have to have a lot of clothes, you just have to have the right clothes.“


 Praha / Brno

Petra Matějíčková stylistka Brno

Petra Matějíčková

Personal stylist and image specialist


„The biggest mistake you can make in life is to always be afraid of making one.“



Katka Moravcová vizážistka Praha

Katka Moravcová

Personal stylist and make-up artist

„I have always believed that fashion does not exist only to make women more beautiful, but also to give them courage and confidence.“


Jana Hrbáčková vizážistka proměny Praha

Jana Hrbáčková

Make-up artist and hair stylist


„I believe in natural make-up that emphasizes the inherent beauty of a woman’s essence.“


Praha / Ostrava

Martina Herštusová fotograf Praha

Petra Holíková

Women’s and Men’s Personal Stylist


„We are all original. We all know this, but we often forget it. My goal is to help you find yours uniqueness and give it space to show itself to the whole world.“


Martina Herštusová fotograf Praha

Petra Černá

Make-up artist


„I love femininity and my work, which makes women even more beautiful and sensual.“



Katka Moravcová vizážistka Praha

Marta Hlávková Vydrová

Personal stylist

„Neither women nor men are born well-dressed. They become them after they decide to learn what ill-dressed people don’t want to learn.“

Olomouc / Ostrava / Brno / Praha

Martina Herštusová fotograf Praha

Martina Herštusová


„I will capture a moment that would be irretrievably lost in time.“



Put yourself in the hands of real professionals

Michaela Tutko

Personal stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist and founder of the Personal Styling project

Michaela Tutko osobní stylistka a vizážistka Praha

„My work is my passion. Helping women and showing them that they are unique and beautiful is my life’s journey.“

Michaela´s career started 10 years ago aged 24 when she graduated from BACKSTAGE – Prague School of Style where she graduated as Personal shopper. After that she graduated from Make-up Institute Prague at advanced level and improved her knowledge at The London Makeup School.

Her formal training includes beauty makeup, bridal makeup, hair design, photo make-up, iconic makeup, extreme makeup, avant-garde makeup, runway makeup, men makeup, TV & stage make-up, mature skin make-up, aquarelle technics and SFX.

Over the years she has gained a wealth of experience from various projects, from short films, music videos, features and Commercials to beauty, editorials and fashion events. I also look after of many brides and private clients for events and functions prior and during the events themselves.

She is a makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion stylist based in Prague. She has been working for several years with renowned photographers, film productions, advertisement productions and also private clients in Prague and London. She has collaborated on Fashion events as London Fashion Week and Feeric Fashion Week as make-up artist.​

Having built many contacts over the years, Michaela´s passion and natural talent has enabled her to establish her own business and where she now has her very own team of professionals.

DEMAND - Personal stylist

Personal stylist

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