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Styling Men is something fashion stylist Michaela specialises in. She know how important style is for a man, she and her team also understand how confusing the world of fashion can be. As such she aim to keep it as easy and efficient as possible. Your stylist will make suggestions on what colours, styles and cuts would be best for you and recommend the essentials every man needs in his wardrobe.



Consultation with a men’s stylist

I will teach you to combine clothes simply, quickly and efficiently so that your personality stands out.

Konzultace s pánskou stylistkou
  • Together we will choose the right cut and size of clothes – ill-fitting shirts and short pants rang the bell.
  • We’ll show you how to combine SMART CASUAL – relaxed casual style for informal occasions and fun.
  • We will create your perfect image with BUSINESS CASUAL, which is perfect for relaxed business meetings.
  • No more mistakes – we will explain the rules of BUSINESS style. How to properly coordinate a suit, shirt, shoes to look professional and stand out from the crowd at the same time.
  • Together, we will choose accessories tailored to your personality.

The duration of the consultation is 1,5 hours, the price is 2 700 Kč

„Thank you for the great cooperation, thanks to the consultation I already know the right combinations of clothes.“


Petr Široký

It also works online

How does the online fashion consultation work?

Online konzultace se stylistou
  • you fill out a form so that we can prepare for the online consultation and tailor everything to you – no general instructions you make an appointment with the stylist and we will send you the documents, the consultation itself lasts 1.5 hours using Google Meet or WhatsApp.
  • In addition to your phone, we recommend that you have a computer or a larger tablet available – so that we can send you visualizations.

The duration is about 1,5 hours, the price is 2 700 Kč

„I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Janka for her professional and helpful approach. The consultation was very beneficial. Mrs. Janka not only understands the issue, but is able to pass on her knowledge. The summary sent afterwards was perfect. I look forward to further cooperation.“


Pavel Matoušek

Personal shopping session

Instantly update your wardrobe by having your personal stylist shop for you. Personal styling team is an expert in making men look and feel their best by taking out the hassle out of shopping. Prepare to have your shopping trip turned into an efficient experience.

Osobní stylista pro muže Praha
  • They will help you define the right looks, colour and cut of each essential item needed for your look.
  • We will select quality clothes that will build the foundation of your efficient wardrobe.
  • Everything will fit together. We’ll select clothing combinations for every occasion – you’ll never go wrong again.
  • We know exactly where to go for individual pieces. We don’t waste time wandering around stores.
  • We will show you what to reach for and what not to try.

Durations 3 hours, price 4 500 Kč

„I don’t like shopping, but you made it a pleasant experience. I recommend it to everyone.“

Zdeněk Bureš

Shopping online – and why not?

We will advise you which e-shops have the best quality goods and where you should not even look.

online nákupy se stylistou
  • you fill out the form so that we have a clear idea of ​​what you are looking for, we will ask you additional questions – by e-mail or by phone, as it suits you,
  • we will send you links to specific goods in e-shops so that you get a clear idea of ​​how to combine the given clothes and accessories together and where to buy them, as soon as your clothes arrive,
  • we will consult with you again about purchases and combinations.

The price is 4 500 Kč

„I am glad that I used your services and that you helped me put together a wardrobe so that I could easily combine it myself. I finally know my size so that the clothes fit me. However, my wife was the most enthusiastic, according to whom I rejuvenated.“

Lubomír Černý

Wardrobe detox

Your personal stylist will edit your current wardrobe and educate you in what to look for when selecting future purchases. This is achieved by creating a shopping list for your new look.

Vytřídění panského šatníku
  • We will sort out the unsuitable, leave the perfect clothes and organize everything clearly – in short, we will put your wardrobe in order.
  • We will prepare clothing combinations for every occasion.
  • We will teach you to easily combine SMART CASUAL, BUSINESS CASUAL and BUSINESS style.
  • We will create a shopping list of what still needs to be bought. You will receive a personal guidebook so you always know what to wear.

We leave you with a newly organised wardrobe in a logical order.

At the end of the lesson you’ll look amazing and wish you’d done this years ago!

Durations 4 hours, price 5 500 Kč

“Thank you for organizing my closet brilliantly. We finally got rid of inappropriate clothes and I know what I have there and what to wear it with.‘

Marek Chludil

An efficient, tailored wardrobe

Have you ever heard of a „capsule wardrobe“? It’s an efficient wardrobe with a few ingeniously selected basic pieces, which you then simply supplement with current fashion trends.

Sestavení efektivního šatníku na míru

We all have different figures and tastes, and the occasions for which we dress are also different. Whether you need to tame business casual or formal style, or dress up for sporting occasions, you are not alone – we will come to you and put together a capsule wardrobe tailored to your needs.


  • No more standing in front of an clutterd wardrobe, just have a few pieces. Everything complements each other perfectly, you don’t have to worry about unsuccessful combinations.
  • The pillars of an effective wardrobe are not subject to fashion trends.
  • We will find clothes that will suit you today and in 10 years.
  • The most important thing is your good feeling, we will make sure that the clothes really fit you.
  • We also recommend suitable accessories such as a belt, bag or shoes so that everything matches perfectly.

What can you look forward to?

We will meet with you several times and make sure that the contents of your closet will only inspire you with joy and self-confidence.

  • 1x initial consultation of your type, style and preferences, lasting 1.5 hours
  • 1x organization of your existing wardrobe for 3 hours right at your home
  • 1x e-mail with a comprehensive visualization of the design of the new wardrobe, which you can return to at any time
  • 2 x shopping session with a stylist each time lasting 3 hours – you can choose dates at any time within six months of purchasing the service

The price is 20 000 Kč

Your image is your personal business card

Dárkový poukaz Perfect style

Give an unforgettable experience for Christmas, a birthday or even an anniversary.

Founder and team leader Michaela Tutko is among the TOP 20 CZECH STYLISTS according to the Modio survey

Michaela Tutko módní stylistka Praha_personalstyling

Michaela Tutko

Michaela is a professionally trained hair & makeup artist based in Prague, dedicated to making her clients look amazing on their special day, She specialises in bridal hair and makeup putting her clients at ease and providing an unrushed relaxing atmosphere.

  • Michaela has worked for many high profile fashion shows including London Fashion week.
  • She has also worked on makeup for TV adverts and takes her work very seriously.
  • ​Michaela believes in only using the best products and brands.

Her kit consists of the very best cosmetics, including premium products from MAC, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Inglot.


"The most beautiful feeling for me is when my clients' lives change before their eyes."

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